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Yes, we are the Crispo's. I am Frank Crispo, along with my wife Judy Crispo. Judy and I are lifelong small business owners who have always loved being together. Oh yes, Judy and I have so much fun working together. We are always meeting so many nice people along the way in our "Trash Removal Service" business. It has always been a very interesting and successful business through the years and providing a reliable service for many years. Judy and I have given many years of helpful customer service excellence, specializing in property clean outs in our hometown of Horsham, Pennsylvania, and many of the surrounding areas, including Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. That is just "who we are"!


Everyone calls me "The Country Picker" because I am in a Trash Removal business, picking through the trash. I guess that makes sense! I have always been a hands on type of guy that is always on the job site every step of the way, from the start of the job untill the customer is a very well satisfied customer. Judy and I are honest, personable, and confident, polite business people who have done business in our local area for many years. We also take great pride in our work ethics and we are always giving an excellent service to all of our customers. We are detailed, precise, skilled, reliable, fair, respectful, trustworthy, honest, and we are very happy to say that we have built our reputation to the highest quality service we can give to our customers, every step of the way! But, much more importantly, our primary focus is knowing that we are always meeting our customers Trash Removal needs and making every customer, a customer for life!

Our Trash Removal Service is proud to say that we have many repeat customers over the years. Please know that our Trash Removal Service is environmentally responsible and we only utilize legal certified dumping sites.


When you are dealing with large amounts of trash that you need to have cleaned up and hauled away, there is only one thing to do: Call Frank's Trash Removal Service! We are the go-to Trash Removal Service in our local area that you can depend on. We provide you with information on "what we take" and always a "Free Estimate" for all of your Trash Removal needs. We provide a quality service to promote customer satisfaction through our reliability with a wide range of services offered to all of our customer's.You will have great peace of mind when your heaps of trash, unwanted items, and endless clutter are gone! We will stay in close touch with you every step of the way with your job. We are always committed to accommodating your needs in a friendly, personal, and in a positive way. We are committed to exceeding all of your expectations! All jobs are certainly considered, whether you have a large job or small job! Not to worry. Call Frank! He can help!


We Can Help You!
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Please call our office and my wife Judy will be happy to assist you with any or all questions or concerns that you may have about your job, and how Frank's Trash Removal Service can help you with all of your Trash Removal needs. Our service is first and foremost to satisfy each and every customer we have or hope to have. We really always go the distance to assure our customer's are a satisfied customer! That is just who we are!


Because we are a local family owned and operating business, we can offer better pricing than franchised companies. We also, break down items and compact the truck loads to better serve our customers in our Trash Removal charge. Don't create stress by trying to do it all yourself! Call the professional Trash Removal Hauler, Frank Crispo...."The Country Picker!" The trusted name for all of your Trash Removal solutions. Frank is always there to give you peace of mind with your job! Just give us a call, you will not be disappointed!




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God Bless The Senior Citizens! 


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