Gold & Black Line

Gold & Black Line




What We Take!


Frank's Trash Removal Service starts the moment you pick the phone up and give us a call. Frank will set up an appointment with you, come out to your property to evaluate your trash removal needs. "Frank's Trash Removal Service" offers to you a free estimte with no hidden charges.


Our service will remove all legal and unwanted items, trash and or debris to be hauled away to a qualified dumping site. 


If you have any questions or concerns about our service and "who we are", please feel free to contact us at 215-643-6948




Check Mark 16X17Attics Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Above Ground Pools
Check Mark 16X17Appliances Removed
Check Mark 16X17Basement Clean Outs
Check Mark 16X17Barns Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Carpets - Padding
Check Mark 16X17Concrete - Stone - Bricks
Check Mark 16X17Construction Debris

Check Mark 16X17Decks Removed
Check Mark 16X17Estate Clean Outs
Check Mark 16X17Exercise Equipment

Check Mark 16X17Foreclosure Clean Outs

Check Mark 16X17Garage Clean Outs
Check Mark 16X17Hoarder Clean Outs
Check Mark 16X17Jacuzzis - Hot Tubs
Check Mark 16X17Office Furniture

Check Mark 16X17Old Wood - Logs - Skids
Check Mark 16X17Out Buildings Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Out Buildings Removed
Check Mark 16X17Outside Furniture - Etc.
Check Mark 16X17Records - CD’s - DVD’s

Check Mark 16X17Rentals Cleaned Out

Check Mark 16X17Restaurants Cleaned Out

Check Mark 16X17Scrap Metal Removed

Check Mark 16X17Sheds Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Sheds Taken Down
Check Mark 16X17Small Demolition

Check Mark 16X17Storage Units Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Stores Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Swing Sets Removed
Check Mark 16X17Tools - Garden Items
Check Mark 16X17Walkway Removal
Check Mark 16X17Warehouses Cleaned Out
Check Mark 16X17Wood Fences Removed  
Check Mark 16X17Yard Debris Clean Up

Check Mark 16X17And Much More!


Don't see what you need on the list? Are you not sure which service fits your needs?

   No need to worry! Just pick up the phone and give Frank a call. He can Help! You will

   not be dissapointed! Contact Frank at 215-643-6948 today!




Round Hazardous 112X112  96 Hazardous Waste  319X152  96


We Can Handle Most ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, Except

HAZARDOUS WASTE. Not All Trash Is Created Equal!




Check Mark 16X17All Types Of Paints

Check Mark 16X17Asbestos

Check Mark 16X17Batteries

Check Mark 16X17Feces - All Types

Check Mark 16X17Florescent Bulbs

Check Mark 16X17Fuel (Any Kind)

Check Mark 16X17Gas Home Heaters

Check Mark 16X17Oil Home Heaters 

Check Mark 16X17Gasolene & Gas Cans

Check Mark 16X17Kerosene

Check Mark 16X17Oils

Check Mark 16X17Oil Tanks

Check Mark 16X17Old Televisions

Check Mark 16X17Paint Cans

PCheck Mark 16X17ropane Tanks

Check Mark 16X17Tires

Check Mark 16X1755-Gallon Drums

Check Mark 16X17Any Type Solvents

Check Mark 16X17Spray Paints

Check Mark 16X17Paint Thinners

Check Mark 16X17Paint Strippers

Check Mark 16X17Roofing Material

Check Mark 16X17Biological Waste

Check Mark 16X17Medical Items (Needles & Waste Materials)





Telephone Number Banner 600X193  96


God Bless The Senior Citizens! 


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