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 Remembering Pink


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Stars Of The Steel Guitar


Harold Shot Jackson

Died Age 70   Biography

Weldon Myrick 

Died Age 76    Obituary

Pete Drake

Died Age 55   Biography

Jimmy Day

Died Age 65   Biography
Harold Bradley Shot Jackson  72 Weldon Myrick obit  72 Pete Drake  72 Jimmy  Day  72

09-04-1920 to 01-24-1991

Read his History > Rea More


04-10-1938 to 06-02-2014

Autobiography > Read More!


10-08-1932 to 07-29-1988

Inducted: 2010 > Read More!


01-09-1934 to 01-22-1999

About Jimmy > Read More!

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Don (Hugh) Helms

Died Age 81    Obituary

Hal Rugg 

Died Age 69    Obituary

Bashful Brother Oswald

Died Age 90       Obituary

Tom Brumley

Died Age 73    Obituary
Don Helms  72  Hal Rugg 150X150  72 Bashful Brother Oswald  72 Tom Brumley  150X150  72

02-28-1927 to 08-11-2008

 Don Helms >> Read More!


07-21-1936 to 08-09-2005

Hal's Biography > Read More!


12-26-1911 to 10-17-2002

About Pete Kirby >ReadMore


12-11-1935 to 2-03-2009

About Tom > Biography!

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Jerry Byrd

Died Age 85    Obituary

Leon Mc Auliffe

Died Age 71   Biography

Curly Chalker

Died Age 66       Obituary

Little Roy Wiggins

Died Age 73   Biography
Cliffie Stone  150X150  72 Leon Mc Auliffe  150X150  72 Curly Chalker  150X150  72 Little Roy Wiggins  150X150  72

 03-09-1920 to 04-11-2005 

 Jerry Byrd > Read More!


01-03-1917 to 08-20-1988

Leon Ac Auliffe > Read More!


10-22-1931 to 04-30-1998

Curly Chalker > Read More!


06-27-1926 to 08-03-1999

Inducted: 1974 > Read More!

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 Buddy Emmons

  Died at Age 78

Legendary Steel Guitarist & Inventor

Buddy Emmons  .72

Buddy Emmons  72


"Buddy Emmons" will always be remembered!

His talent lives on in the music of many other country icons, not to mention his influence on the world of country music as a whole. Buddy played for so many country music artists. Buddy played pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar and guitar. More info:......>> Click Here!


Facebook Page......>> Click Here!

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01-27-1937 to 07-21-2015


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Jack Boland Remembers His Good Friend DeWitt "Scotty" Scott Who Has Passed Away!

Jack Boland is so saddened by the loss of his friend DeWitt "Scotty" Scott for whom he has known for over 20 years. Scotty was a listener of Jack's show and loved the "Stars Of The Steel Guitar" portion of "Country Gold Classics" show. Scotty Scott is the founder of the International Steel Guitar Convention and is truly, the "Ambassador Of The Steel Guitar". DeWitt "Scotty" Scott is in the "Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame". The passing of our father by the Scott Family......>> Click Here!


Scotty's Convention Logo  72

S Scotty Scott  72

DeWitt "Scotty" Scott has gone to steel guitar heaven at age 83. Dewitt "Scotty" Scott was born on April 10, 1932 in Amarillo, Texas and died on September 23, 2015. He was a very nice guy who was always willing to take time to share what he knew. He started the annual "International Steel Guitar Convention" 40 plus years ago. Scotty played Western Swing and country music. In 1963 Scotty started Scotty's Music in the basement of his home. Scotty will be greatly missed!

My Story and the St. Louis Steel Guitar Convention and pictures......>> Click Here!

Country Stars Central Interview......>> Click Here!    Scotty's Video Interview......>> Click Here!

Rest In Peace "Scotty"......>> Click Here!    Scotty's Interesting Story......>> Click Here!

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 Remembering Howard Vokes Who Passed Away


Cowboy Howard Vokes, Pennsylvania's King of Country Music has passed away


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Howars Vokes  220X220  72

Howard D. Vokes was a very good business friend of Jack Boland for many years. He introduced Jack to many influential people in the music industry. Howard Vokes passed away Sunday, June 3, 2018 at the age of 86. He was born June 13, 1931. Howard “Cowboy” Vokes was one of 13 children born into a coal mining family from Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Later on in his career, Howard Vokes would go on to be known as the King of Pennsylvania Country. There is so much more to know about the artist, Howard D. Vokes. "Pennsylvania's Mr. Country Music", The Kentucky Colonel who has had so many successes and awards in his country music career. Howard was a stickler and firm believer in traditional country music. Howard Vokes was loved by everyone. He will be sorely missed!


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 Remembering Chuck Glaser of the Glaser Brothers


Chuck Glaser Has Died at Age 83

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The last living member of the Glaser Brothers, Chuck Glaser, died on Monday, June 10, 2019 at the age of 83.


Charles Vernon Glaser was born in Spalding, Nebraska on February 27, 1936. He was the middle brother of Tompall Glaser and Jim Glaser. They began performingas a trio during their trio years, and Marty Robbins signed them to a recording contract with his label, Robbins Records, in 1957, after the brothers won Arthur Godfrey's talent show.They also joined his road show. Chuck Glaser got his first public credit as a songwriter when the Glaser Brothers released one of his songs, "Five Penny Nickel," as their debut single the next year.


The Glaser Brothers moved to Decca Records in 1959, and that same year, Chuck Glaser was drafted into the Army, where he served until 1961.


The Glaser Brothers moved to MGM Records in 1967, where they began a run of hits that included "Gone, On the Other Hand," "California Girl" and "The Moods of Mary."


They also served as background singers for artists including Johnn Cash and Patsy Cline in the 1960s, while Chuck Glaser landed work as a songwriter for Hank Snow, Cash and more. The trio won a number of awards during their peak years, including CMA Vocal Group of the year in 1970.


Chuck Glaser was preceded in death by both brothers. Tompall Glaser died in 2013 at the age of 79. Jim Glaser died in April of 2019 at the age of 81. The Glaser Brothers>>>> Click Here!



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