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 Remembering Pink


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Grant Turner Remember

Died Age 80  More Info!

Ralph Peer  More Info!

Died Age 67 Biography

Porter Wagoner Video!

Died Age  80        Website!

Merle Travis Read More!

Died Age 65 Biography
Grant Turner  72 Don Rich  72 ( 150x150) Porter Wagnor  72 Merle Travis  72

05-17-1912 to 10-19-1991

Inducted: 1981 > Read More!


05-22-1892 to 01-19-1960

Inducted: 1984 > Read More!


08-12-1927 to 10-28-2007

Inducted: 2002 -- His Death!


11-29-1917 to 10-20-1983

Inducted: 1977 > Read More


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Floyd Cramer Biography!

Died Age 64  Hall of Fame!

Ernest V. Stoneman 

Died Age 75

Jimmie Rodgers History

Died Age  35      Biography

Uncle Dave Macon

Died Age 81  Biography!
Floyd Cramer  72 Ernest V. Pop Stoneman  72 Jimmie Rodgers  72 Uncle Davis Macon  72

10-27-1933 to 12-31-1997

Inducted: 2003 > Read More!


05-25-1893 to 06-14-1968

Inducted: 2008 > Read More!


09-08-1897 to 05-26-1933

Inducted: 1961Read More!


10-07-1870 to 03-22-1952

Inducted: 1966 - About - Video


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 Alton Delmore Delmore Brothers Rabon Delmore

 Died at Age 56                                  Died Age 37


Jimmy Martin  

Died Age 77

Vernon Dalhart  

Died Age 65    Biography!
The Delmore Brothers  72 Jimmy Martin  72 Vernon Dalhart  72

 12-25-1908 to 06-08-1964       12-03-1916 to 12-04-1952 

 Inducted: 2001 > Read More!       Visit Website >  Click Here!


08-10-1927 to 05-14-2005

Read Biography > Click Here!


04-06-1883 to 09-14-1948

Inducted: 1981 > Read More!


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 Sons of the Pioneers    Biography!

 About The Sons Of The Pioneers > Read More!


David Houston  

Died Age 57    Obituary

Carter Stanley See Bio!

Died Age 41 About Carter!

Sons of the Pioneers  72  72 David Houston Carter Stanley  72

 Inducted: 1980 >> Read More!        Photos >>  Click Here!


12-09-1935 to 11-30-1993  About David! >> Read More!


08-27-1925 to 12-01-1996

Stanley Brothers


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Charlie Walke Biography

Died Age 81 Remembered!

Del Reeves Read More!

Died Age 74  Obituary

Ramona Jones Obituary

Died Age  91  Read More!

Roger Miller About Roger

Died Age 56  Biography!
Charlie Walker  72 Del Reeves  72 Ramona Jones 150x150  72 Roger Miller  150x150  72

11-02-1926 to 09-12-2008

 Read History > Info-Videos


07-14-1932 to 01-01-2007

Inducted: 2013 > Wikipedia


01-28-1924 to 11-17-2015

Hee Haw Fiddler > See Video


01-02-1936 to 11-25-1992

Inducted: 1995 > Roger's Son


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Cliffie Stone

Died Age 80    Obituary

Johnny Paycheck

Died Age 64   Biography

Chubby Wise  About!

Died Age 81       Obituary

Sonny James

Died Age 87     Website!
Cliffie Stone  150X150  72 Johnny Paycheck  150X150  72 Chubby Weis  150X150  72 Sonny James  150X150  72

03-01-1917 to 01-16-1998 Inducted: 1989 > Read More!


05-31-1938 to 02-19-2003

Website! ---->> Read More


10-02-1915 to 01-06-1996

Inducted: 2011 > Read More!


05-01-1928 to 02-22-2016

Inducted: 2006 > Read More!


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Lulu Belle Wiseman And Scotty Wiseman

 Lulu Belle Age 86 -->>  Scotty Age 73   Inducted: 1971


Charlie Monroe  

Died Age 72  Biography!

Molly O'Day

Died Age 64    Biography!
Molly O'Day  150X150  72

12-24-1913 to 02-08-1999       11-08-1908 to 01-31-1981

See Their Movies!  >> 1934 Lulu Belle Album! >> Biography!


07-06-1903 to 09-27-197 

More Info! > Inducted: 1972


07-09-1923 to 12-05-987

About Molly  >>  Obituary!


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Hylo Brown

Died Age 80   Biography!

Dick Thomas

Died Age 88  Biography!

Red Simpson

Died Age 81  

Bob Wills -Texas Playboys

Died Age 70  Biography!
Hylo Brown  150X150  72 Dick Thomas  150X150  72 Red Simpson  150X150  72 BobWills  150X150  72

04-20-1922 to 01-17-2003

Hylo Brown >> Read More!


09-04-1915 to 11-22-2003

Dick Thomas >>  Read More!


03-06-1934 to 01-08-2016

Career & Video > Read More!


03-06-1905 to 05-13-1975

Hall Of Fame! >> Must Read!


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Moon Mullican MoreInfo

Died Age 57   Biography!

Floyd Tillman  Obituary!

Died Age 91    Biography!

Tommy Jackson Video!

Died Age 53       Obituary!

Jim McReynolds

Died Age 75  Obituary!
Moon Mullican  150X150  72 Floyd Tillman  150X150  72 Tommy Jackson  150X150  72 Jim McReynolds  150X150  72

03-29-1909 to 01-01-1967

See Video!  ----  Hall of Fame!


07-09-1997 to 03-04-1999

Website! - Hall Of Fame 1984


03-31-1926 to 12-09-1979

50's Fiddler!  --  Hall Of Fame!


02-13-1927 to 12-31-2002 Biography! ---  In Memory Of!


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Claude King  Obituary!

Died Age 90   Biography!

Eddie Dean   Obituary!

Died Age 91   Biography!

Bonnie Owens  Video!

Died Age 76       Obituary!

T. Texas Tyler Obituary!

Died Age 55    Biography!
Claude King  150X150  72 Eddie Dean 150X150  72 Bonnie Owens  150X150  72 T. Texas Tyler

02-05-1923 to 03-07-2013

Video!  Claude's > Website!


07-09-1997 to 03-04-1999

See Video!  --->>  See Photos!


10-01-1929 to 04-24-2006

Biography!  --  Read More!


03-06-1905 to 05-13-1975

T. Texas Tyler - Read More!


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Ralph Stanley   Website!

Died Age 89   ManyVideos!

Bill Haley Bill &Saddlemen

Died Age 55     Biography!

Curly Herdman   Video!

Died Age 50    Disography!

Jesse Rogers  More!

Died Age 70      Obituary! 
Ralph Stanley  150X150  72 Bill Haley  150X150  72 Curly Herdman  150X150  72 Jesse Rogers  150X150  72

02-25-1927 to 06-23-2016

His Museum --->> Biography!


07-06-1925 to 02-09-1981

Hall Of Fame! --->> Read More!


11-12-1918 t0 04-01-1968

Curly Herdman >>  Read More!


03-05-1911 to 12-14-1970 Biography! --->> More Info:


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Dave Dudley  Wikipedia! 

Died Age 75  Known For!

Don Williams ReadMore!

Died Age 78 Bio-Wikipedia

Archie Campbell Video!

Died Age 72   Wikipedia!

Jerry Reed  Wikipedia!

Died Age 71 Pics --- Video!
Dave Dudley 150X150  72 Don Williams 150X150  72 Archie Campbell 150X150 72 Jerry Reed 150X150  72

05-03-1928 to 12-22-2003 Video! -->> Biography!


 05-27-1939 to 09-08-2017

The Gentle Giant - About Don!


11-07-1914 to 08-29-1987

Obituary! - Biography! - About


03-20-1937 to 09-01-2008 Biography! ---> About My Dad!


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Freddie Hart   Obituary!

Died Age 91  Read More!


Roy Clark    Biography!

Died Age 85  Hall of Fame!


Alex C. Campbell Video Died Age 90  Obituary!


Olabelle Reed

Died Age 85  Biography!

Freddie Hart  50X150  72

12-21-1926 to 10-27-2018

Website!  About Freddie!


04-15-1933 to 11-15-2018

Video! About! Read More!


05-25-1923 to 10-24-2013

Uncle Alex --->>  Read More!


 08-17-1916 to 08-16-2002

Read More -->> Video!


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Mack Wiseman Obituary

Died Age 93  Read More!


Maxine Brown About!

Died Age 87 Hall of Fame!


Ted Daffan   Biography!

Died Age 84  Obituary!


Jimmy Wakely

Died Age 68 Video -->> Bio!

Mac Wiseman 150X150  96 Maxine Russell Brown 150X150  96 Ted Daffan 150X150  96

Jimmy Wakely 150X150  96

05-23-1925 to 02-24-2019

Read More -Video-About Mac


04-27-1932 to 01-21-2019

The Browns Read More!


09-21-1912 to 10-06-1996

Video! - About! >> Read More!


 02-16-1914 to 09-23-1982

Read More - Movies - Writer


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          Click On Photo!                                                                                               The Pleasant Valley Boys

The Pleasant valley Boys  251X168  72

The Pleasant Valley Boys were originally known as the Back Porch Quartet. The Pleasant Valley Boys were a popular quartet back in the 1940's. The Pleasant Valley Boys were Mike Tevas on the left, Marty Callum on steel guitar and of course Jack Boland, Sr. on the right. Oh yes, Jack Boland's father! Jack's show is called Country Gold Classics on Friday nights from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The guys had a great love for country and bluegrass music which Jack Boland still strives to keep this music alive today on his radio program, WRDV-FM.


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April 06, 2016 - Merle Haggard Has Died


Sad News! Merle Haggard Has Died At The Age of 79!


Merele's Website!      Videos!      Read More!      Merle's Biography!


Click On Photo!  
Merle Haggard 221  72

Jack Boland announced on January 29, 2016 on his radio show that Country Legend Merle Haggard has been fighting double pneumonia, an illness that has plagued him in the past. Ben Haggard says his father is still recovering from December illness. The 78 year-old singer had to cancel all weekend concerts and tour dates. Haggard said, "I guess I was nearly dead. I had double pneumonia and they couldn't tell if I had cancer that returned, or I just had pneumonia. They had to wait till they got the pneumonia under control before we could tell. It's been kind of a tough couple of weeks. I've got so many people to thank.

Merle Haaggard Cancels April Tour Dates - Read More On Merle       Merle Is Back In The Hosptal 03-02-2016 - March Tour Postponed


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Click On Photo!                                             Remembering "Joe Rex"

Joe Rex Piccirilli 171X225  72

Joseph A. Piccirilli (Joe Rex - 96) was born on September 16, 1920 and passed away on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Joseph was a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the time of his passing. Joseph was a US Army veteran of WWII. He helped guard President Truman during the Potsdam Conference, while world leaders negotiated terms for ending the war. Joe was married to Josephine Rose (Monteleone) Piccirilli. According to his olderJoe Rex 136X182  72 brother Al Rex, Joe occasionally was a bass player for the Saddlemen, circa 1949-50. Joe Rex played bass on the 1950 Keystone Records session that produced "Deal Me a Hand" and "Ten Gallon Stetson" which had previously been credited to Rex. Piccirilli claims to have worked on at least two more recordings and says he turned down the opportunity to join the Saddlemen full time due to family commitments (opening the door for his little brother). In April 2012, he attended a concert by "Bill Haley Jr." in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, alongside his brother. He still lived in Philadelphia and Joe Rex has appeared on the annual Haley Roots radio special in recent years. Joe Rex, along with the Saddlemen, had visited Jack Boland once a year for many years. July 1st of this year we were so very lucky to have spent time with Joe Rex before his passing. We are so saddened for the loss of Joe Rex. Read More! We will miss you! Check out Joe Rex and video singing Folsom Prison Blues!


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                                Remembering "Jean Shepard"

Click On Photo!

Jean Shepard 233X234  72

Jean Shepard (Ollie Imogene Shepard) was born November 21, 1933, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  She died September 25, 2016. Jean Shepard was 82 years old. Jean Shepard was a singer-song-writer and a Opry Jean Shepard 166X217  72member since 1955 and remained a member until her death. In 1960, Shepard married fellow Opry star, Hawkins, who had come to the Opry the same year she did. She was eight months pregnant with his first son Don, when Hawkins died in the same 1963 plane crash that also killed Patsy Cline, Randy Hughes, and country star Cowboy Copas. Shepard gave birth to her second son Harold Franklin Hawkin, II. Jean Shepard was discovered by Hank Thompson in California where she grew up. Her Biography! Jean Shepard was inducted into the "Country Music Hall of Fame" in 2011. Check out Videos and Pictures! Don't forget to visit Jean Shepard's Website!


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