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 Remembering Pink

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Billy Walker  Walker Dies!

Died Age 77  His Death!

Jimmie Davis  Video

Died Age 101  Biography

David Akeman-String-

Died Age 57 About  >>  Bean

Carolina Cotton  Video!

Died Age 72   Website!
Billy Walker Jimmie Davis David Akerman - Stringbean Carolina Cotton

01-14-1929 to 05-21-2006

Official Website!  >  Obituary!


09-11-1899 to 11-05-2000

Inducted: 1972 > Read More!


06-17-1916 to 11-10-1973

Biography >>> His life & Death


10-20-1925 to 0610-1957

Biograph - About - Read More


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Goldie Hill    Video

Died Age 72   Read More

Jimmy Dean   Biography

Died Age 81     Obituary

Faron Young  Obituary

Died Age 64  How He Died

Johnny Russell   About

Died Age 61  Obituary
Goldie Hill Jimmy Dean Faron Young Johnny Russell

01-11-1933 to 02-24-2005

Biography! -  About Goldie!


08-10-1928 to 06-13-2010

Inducted: 2010 > Read More!


02-25-1932 to 12-10-1996

Wikipedia - Five Things - BIO


01-23-1940 to 07-03-2001

Biography!          Read More!


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Lester Flat      Guitarist

Died Age 64     Bluegrass

Earl Scruggs  Biography

Died Age 88  Legend Dies

Pee Wee King Biography

Died Age 86     Read More!

Webb Pierce Biography

Died Age 69  Read More!
Lester Flatt Earl Scruggs PEE WEE KING WEBB PIERCE

06-19-1914 to 05-11-1979

Inducted: 1985 > Read More!


01-06-1924 to 03-28-2012

Inducted: 1985 > Read More!


02-18-1914 to 03-07-2000

Inducted: 1974 > Read More!


08-08-1921 to 02-24-1991

Inducted: 2001 > Read More!


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Hank Locklin   Biography!

Died Age 91   Video

Johnny Bond Biography

Died Age 63  Early Years

Doyle Wilburn  Brothers

Died Age 52  Remembering

Teddy Wilburn Brothers

Died Age 71  Read More!

02-15-1918 to 03-08-2009

Obituary    Read More!


06-01-1915 to 06-12-1978

Inducted: 1999 > Read More!


07-07-1930 to 10-16-1982

 Obituary        Grand Ole Opry


11-30-1931 to 11-24-2003

About Teddy           Biography


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Chickie Williams & >

Died Age 88  Biography

Doc Williams-Husband

Died Age 96  Goodbye Doc

Redd Stewart  Biography

Died Age 80      Website

Red Sovine  Biography!

Died Age 62  Read More!

02-13-1919 to 11-18-2007

Doc & Chickey   Video    


06-26-1914 to 01-31-2011

Looking Back - About - Video 


05-27-1923 to 08-02-2003

Hall of Fame -Video  -  Obituary


07-07-1917 to 04-04-1980

Video - Career - About Red! 


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Lee Moore      Biography

Died Age 82   Read More!

Stoney Cooper  About

Died Age 58     Biography

Stewart Hamblen 

Died Age 80   Biography

Rosalie Allen Biography

Died Age 79 Read More!
LEE MOORE Stoney Cooper Stewart Hablen Rosalie Allen

09-24-1914 to 08-17-1997

About Lee    Hall of Fame


10-16-1918 to 03-22-1977

Wilma & Stoney - Read More! 

  10-20-1908 to 03-08-1989
Inductee  - Hall of Fame-Video

06-27-1924 to 09-24-2003

Hall of Fame - Obituary  


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Wilf Carter-Montana Slim

Died Age 91  Biography

Yodelin Slim Clark

Died Age 82  Biography!

Wilma Burgess  Video!

Died Age 64  Obituary

Bill Carlisle  Read More!

Died Age 94    Obituary!
Wilf Carter Montana Slim Yodelin Slim Clark Wilma Burgess Bill Carlisle

12-18-1904 to 12-05-1996

Inducted - About - Obituary


12-11-1917 to 07-05-2000

About - Website - Video - Pics


06-11-1939 to 06-26-2003

About - Read More - Obituary


12-19-1908 to 03-17-2003

Inducted  -  Carlisle Brothers


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Johnny Wright Obituary

Died Age 97    Biography!

Jack Anglin     Biography!

Died Age 47        Obituary!

Jimmy C. Newman

Died Age 86    Obituary

Roy Drusky  Biography!

Died Age 74  Read More!
Johnny Wright  72 Jack Anglin  72 Jimmy C. Newman Roy Drusky

05-13-1914 to 09-27-2011

Career - RIP - Johnnie & Jack


5-13-1916 to 03-08-1963

Anglin Brothers - Car Accident


08-29-1927 to 06-21-2014

Website - Hall of Fame - BIO!


06-22-1930 to 09-23-2004

Obituary! - Career! - Video!


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Jim Ed Brown Obituary!

Died Age 81  Read More!

Buddy Emmons  Career

Died Age 78  Biography!

Lynn Anderson  About!

Died Age 67  Biography!

Rex Allen      Biography!

Died Age 78     Obituary!
Jim Ed Brown 72 Buddy Emmons  72 Lynn Anderson  72 Rex Allen

04-01-1934 to- 06-11-2015
Inducted -About- The Browns


01-27-1937 to 07-21-2015

Remember - Career - Video!   


09-26-1947 to 07-30-2015

 Video - Obituary - Read More


12-31-1920 to 12-17-1999

Museum - Read More - Video 


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Roy Rogers Leonard Slye

Died Age 86  Archives!

Dale Evans  Bio! - Video!

Died Age 88 Read More!

Tex Ritter       Biography

Died Age 68

Gene Autry  His Show!

Died Age 91  Gene's Wife!
S Roy Rogers  72 S Tex Ritter  72

11-05-1911 to 07-06-1998

 Once Estranged! - Biograpgy!


10-31-1912 to 02-07-2001
Happy Trails - About Dale


01-12-1905 to 01-02-1974

Inducted: 1964 > Read More!


09-29-1907 to 10-02-1998

About Gene! - Read More - Bio


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Rose Maddox   Tribute!

Died Age 72    Biography!

Don Rich  

Died Age 32

George Morgan

Died Age 51

Carl Story

Died Age 79 
Rose Maddox  72 Don Rich  72 ( 150x150) George Morgan  72 Carl Story  72

08-15-1925 to 04-15-1998

Obituary - About - Read More

  08-15-1941 to 07-17-1974  

06-28-1924 to 07-07-1975

Inducted: 1998 > Read More!

  05-29-1916 to 03-31-1995


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The Willis Brothers

Originally The Oaklahoma Wranglers > 1932 



Joseph Ernest Willis

Died Age 86

The Willis Brothers  72

  < The Willis Brothers


 (L) Charles Skeeter Willis

12-20-1917 to 01-28-1976

 (M) James Guy Willis

07-05-1915 to 04-13-1981

  (R) John Vic Willis

05-31-1922 to 01-15-1995


 Older Brother Joe Willis >

Joseph Ernest Willis  72
Died at 59        Died at 66             Died at 73  Give Me 40 Acres Video 02-04-1912 to 10-19-1977


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Ira Louvin       Their Biography!          Charlie Louvin
Died Age 41xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx         Died Age 83


Carson Robison  

Died Age 66

Cowboy (Lloyd) Copas

Died Age 49
The Louvin Bro  72 Carson Robison  72 Cowboy Copas  72

04-21-1924 t06-20-1965            07-07-1927 to 01-26-2011

Inducted: 2001 > Read More!

  08-04-1890 to 03-24-1957   07-15-1913 to 03-05-1963


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Remembering "Weldon Myrick" Famed Steel Player


Remembering Weldon Myrick"Weldon Myrick", a legendary session musician and famed steel player died Monday (June 2) in Nashville following a stroke at 76. "Weldon Myrick"  was born and raised in Jayton, Texas. He was best known for his work on recordings by singer Connie Smith, and he played steel guitar on songs by Elvis Presley, Willi Nelson, and Dolly Parton. Jack Boland  knew Weldon Myric and was very saddened to here of his passing. Jack said, we not only lost a great steel guitar player, but a beloved figure in the world of country music. To learn more about this very talented man, "Weldon Myrick".  To read more ......>> Click Here!


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Remembering Ray Price...His

Last Album Before His Death


Ray Price  72 (177X177)

Ray Price's Last Album Released on April 15, 2014


Ray Price has been one of our favorites for many years. Ray and his music will be missed. Ray's music was so very important to him as well as his fans. He wanted to sing one more time for his loyal fans. A collection of Ray Price's final recording sessions, titled "Beauty Is"….., will be available April 15 on AmeriMonte Records. Produced by Fred Foster, the project features Ray Price’s classic sound, as well as duets with Vince Gill and Martina McBride. Check out some more information on Ray Price. You will be glad you did! Ray Price and his courages battle ......>> Click Here!


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Remembering Howard D. Vokes


Remembering Howard D. Vokes died June 08 2018 at age 86.

Cowboy Howard Vokes, Pennsylvania's King of Country Music has passed away


Click On Photo!

Howars Vokes  220X220  72

Howard D. Vokes was a very good business friend of Jack Boland for many years. He introduced Jack to many influential people in the

music industry. Howard D. Vokes passed away Sunday, June 3, 2018 at the age of 86. He was born June 13, 1931. Howard “Cowboy” Vokes was one of 13 children born into a coal mining family from Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Later on in years, Howard D. Vokes would go on to be known as the King of Pennsylvania Country. There is so much more to know about the artist, Howard Vokes. "Pennsylvania's Mr. Country Music", in his long standing career, "The Kentucky Colonel" has had many successes and awards in the country music business. Howard was a stickler and firm believer in traditional country music. Howard Vokes was loved by everyone. He will be sorely missed!


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