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Marteka and William Lake are very special and talented brother and sister bluegrass singers who are terrific musicians. Marteka and William

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Lake are becoming the big buzz in the bluegrass music industry and rightly so! Marteka Lake devoured the banjo nuances of Earl Scruggs, and William Lake absorbed the vocal stylings and thumb-pick guitar playing of Lester Flatt. William Lake is starting to come into his own as a singer along with his sister, Marteka Lake. Charley Lake is the father on upright bass and Bruce Jones is on the resonator guitar are on hand to round out the great sound  of bluegrass music. In the Lake house, there has always been music. It is a family tradition, one in which the youngest members of the Lake house, Marteka and William Lake are really making a terrific name for themselves. Congratulations goes out to Marteka and William Lake!



Some good news about West Virginia's bluegrass siblings. They made quite an impression at the Poor Farm Bluegrass Festival in Bath Country, Virginia on July 23, 2016. So favorable was their reception that next year's event will be called Marteka and William's Poor Farm Bluegrass Festival.


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Marteka and William Lake


 Marteka and William made a personal appearance at the Poor Farm Bluegrass Festival in Warm Springs, Virginia on August 18, 2018. They had a very nice response for their Bluegrass music performance. Marteka and William really are an outstanding sister and brother act to be reckoned with. Way to go!

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Tee Shirts & CD's for Jack & Dave  from Marteka And William Lake   Performing at The Sun Valley Music Festival On July 9, 2016   Performing at The Poor Farm Festival, Bath County, VA. July 23, 2016



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Posted 10/06/2016

William and I have been getting ready to do a gospel "CD" this coming winter. We have had many requests to do so. William
and I usually start recording after all the holidays, sometime in January. We also are booking shows for 2017. We know 2017 will be a great time and we will get out to meet more of our fans. If you are having a festival near you just leave us some information in an Email and we will respond to them in 2017. We are looking forward to acquire some bookings in Canada. William and I are going to be in North Carolina this month.
            Thank You Everyone! Oran

Marteka And William Oran


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New Marteka And William's "CD" Announcement!


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 Marteka And William's New "CD" Called "Pure"


Hey everyone! We are so happy and thrilled to let all of our fans know that our new CD "Pure" (Bluegrass) has arrived! We are going to start shipping them out on March 30, 2018. We are so proud of this new "CD". This has been our best seller to date. Oh yes, March 30th is William's birthday and he is now 18 years old. If you have already preordered....thank you so much. If not, you can go to our website and order your "CD" there. Thank you, everyone! We really do think that you are going to love our new "CD" called "Pure" (Bluegrass). We really loved doing this "CD".

Marteka and William Lake


          Marteka And William Get A Well Deserved Compliment             

From Geoff Stelling, The Respected Banjo Maker.

Marteka and William sent a copy of their new CD “Pure” Bluegrass to Geoff Stelling, the respected banjo maker to get his expert opinion on the CD before we sent the master copy off to get them made. Here was his response!
"William's singing and rhythm is spot on, sounding more and more like Lester. Corrina is awesome as usual. You did a great job of recording and mixing. Marteka's playing and her banjo sound as good or better than Earl on all the recordings I have of Flatt and Scruggs, and I have a lot of them. No one on the planet can top what Marteka is doing. And the engineering skills are top notch, too."
Geoff Stelling


New Article On Marteka And William Making "Pure" Bluegrass


Marteka and William are on fire with their Bluegrass music and their new CD called "Pure" 

Read more about this sister and brother who are so talented and are on their way for bigger and better things to come in their future! If you love bluegrass, you will love them! >>> Click Here Red


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Marteka And William Lake

Marteka and William Lake are outstanding and gifted in the field of traditional bluegrass music. Marteka is the sister and she's one hot 5-string banjo player. William, the brother, is on the guitar and he is one hot picker and sings mountain music the way it should be sung. He also plays upright bass. Marteka and William are rapidly making a name for themselves in bluegrass music. They have received a lot of press already and are creating quite a storm among social media followers also. Marteka and William Lake are from Hacker Valley, in Webster County, West Virginia. Marteka and William Lake's new "CD" called "Keepin' It Real".

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View the new CD and more available items......>>


Marteka & William practice new album 72 02-04-2017

 Marteka And William's New Gospel "CD"


Marteka And William Lake are in many practice sessions and are working very hard putting their new CD album together. The new gospel CD is expected to be released sometime in the spring. Marteka and William's Facebook fan page has about 30,000 fan club members and growing.Their many European fans want to know when Marteka and William are going to perform across the ocean. They are really getting very well known for their talent in the bluegrass industry.


"Marteka And William" just announced that they are accepting pre-orders for "Gospel Memories",

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their new Gospel CD! They expect to ship in a few weeks. To pre-order .........>>


To view the new "CD" album cover and the list of songs.......>>  Click Here


Marteka Lake And The New Banjo Babes Calendar!

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Marteka new Calendar

Marteka Lake


Marteka Lake has some new and very exciting news that she would like to share with all of her fans. Marteka is so excited that  she can't wait to tell you! To find out more about Marteka Lake and what is happening in her music career. Click on her photo and find out why she is so excited! Way to go Marteka!



Marteka Lake Announces 2018 Banjo Babes Calendar


Banjo Babes Calendar On Sale Now!


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MARTEKA LAKE 2018 Banjo Babes Calendar  192X192  72Hey there everyone!! I am so very excited to announce that the 2018 Banjo Babes Calendar and Album set is now officially ON SALE! I am so very proud to be "Miss September", PLUS have the song (Cripple Creek) on the new album!!!  We hope you will enjoy our new album as much as we enjoyed putting this album together for all of you! For more information on "Banjo Babes 2018" is now available. For more info:......>> Click Here! Enjoy, Marteka!

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Marteka And William Are Making Music

Photo Of Williams 15th Birthday 2015

Photos Of Past Shows 2015

Bluegrass Festival Summerville Music Park 2015

Photo Of September 26, 2016 Show

Jenny Brook Bluegrass Mountain Style



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