January 9, 2015


The Life and Times of Hank Williams Part II


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Hank Williams S 72

On January 9, 2015, Jack Boland and the guys at the radio station are excited to present a three hour show on "The Life And Times Of Hank Williams". This is going to be a really "Great" show! There will be many interesting things to learn about "Hank Williams" and his short lived life. He died on January 01, 1953 at the age of 29. Make sure you mark this show on your calendar!! You don't want to miss this show! Take a listen to one of Hank Williams all time greatest songs......>> Click Here! 

 January 16, 2015 Remembering "Little Jimmy Dickens" 


January 16, 2015 A Special Tribute To "Little Jimmy Dickens"


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Little Jimmy Dickens 1

"Jack Boland" will be broadcasting a special tribute to country singing star "Little Jimmy Dickens". "James Cecil Dickens" - known to generations of "Grand Ole Opry " fans as "Little Jimmy Dickens"  has died at the age of 94. Although he stood only 4 feet 11 inches tall, country music lost a giant of a man. He was the longest running member of the "Grand ole Opry". "Little Jimmy Dickens" cast an impressive shadow on eight decades of country music. He died from cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke on Christmas Day.


 July 3, 2015 - Bill Turner Visits The Radio Station    


Bill Turner and His Band Blue Smoke "Live"!


Haley Group Pic 7-3-15  72 Bill Turner and his band Blue Smoke visited Jack Boland and Country Gold Classics to celebrate their 10th Annual Tribute to Bill Haley and the Saddlemen along with some good friends to help in the celebration. Sadly, this was the first tribute show without Eric Knutsen (Eric The "K") on bass who passed away on February 4, 2015. Eric was 65 years old. Eric was a great guy and made everyone laugh. Eric the "K" will be dearly missed. For this trubute, the band has welcomed Jim Thompson (on the right) who was kind enough to play bass guitar. For more information on who they are, click on the photo to the left.
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 March 6, 2015 Remembering The Ones We Lost 


Going Back In Time  


Patsy Hawk CowboyMarch 6, 2015, "Jack Boland" will be broadcasting a special show on remembering the tragic loss of Patsy Cline (age 30), Hawkshaw Hawkins (age 41) and Cowboy Copas (age 49). We lost them to a fatal airplane crash 50 years ago on Sunday March 5, 1963. Watch this video tribute to Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas......>> Click Here!



 March 27, 2015 Special Tribute To Frank Napurano (Frank Nap)


How Jack Boland Became a "DJ"


S Frank Napurano 72
Frank Napurano

March 27th, "Jack Boland"  will be remembering and celebrating the life of "Frank Napurano". "Frank Napurano" died on March 20, 2015 at the age of 79. Frank had a show called "Country Jamboree" at WRDV. Jack Boland and Frank Napurano met and became good friends in the 1980's. Frank was very impressed with Jack's passion and knowledge for traditional country music. Jack became a volunteer on Frank's show, donating his time as one of the men behind the scene and learning everything he could in hopes of one day having a radio show of his own. When Frank left WRDV and became the founder of WDVR - FM 89.7, Jack got the opportunity to become the "DJ" of his own radio show, "Country Gold Classics". January 3rd, 2015, Jack celebrated his 25th year on "Country Gold Classics". This has always been Jack's dream. Because of Jack's mentor, Frank Napurano and hard work, Jack's dream came true.Tune in on Friday night and learn more about the man, Frank Napurano and the love and respect Jack Boland  has for this man. It is a great sadness and loss for Jack Boland and everyone this man's life has touched! Frank was a radio pioneer!

To learn more about Frank Napurano and his radio station go to: Like us on Facebook...... >> Facebook


 March 27, 2015 Visiting Jack Boland


S Todd Jack Charlie

March 27, 2015 show, Jack Boland (front row) had some visitors to the radio station. Todd Allen (left back row) is the vice president and general manager of WRDV FM radio station. Charlie Loughery (right back row) is the owner of WRDV - FM and WBYO - FM (The Word FM) Gospel radio net work. Everyone joined in along with Jack Boland for his special tribute program to Frank Napurano who passed away on March 20, 2015. The fellows all knew Frank when he had his program, "Country Jamboree" at WRDV - FM. Frank was a "Great" guy and he will be missed! God Bless!

(Photo By Dave Lynch)


 Happy Birthday "Bill Hower"


S Bill Hower's Birthday 5-15 72 The guys behind the scene at "Country Gold Classics",  along with Jack Boland, are celebrating Bill Hower's Birthday (center 2015). Bill Hower's "Music Box" program follows "Country Gold Classic" every Friday Night at 10:00 PM. The "Country Gold Classics" guys are: Jim Van Cleve on the front left, Bill Hower center and his brother on the right. Back row left is Dave Lynch, John Lightner, and John Lyons. What a "GREAT" group of guys! They do a good job too!
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 April 3, 2015 Good Friday 


Traditional Country & Bluegrass Gospel Music


April 3, 2015 "Jack Boland" and his "Country Gold Classics" show will be broadcasting a three hour special show of country and bluegrass gospel music. We hope you will tune in to WRDV 89.3 and enjoy the music of the real time when country was truly country and bluegrass music. Let us put country back in the meaning of country music. Let us not forget the country artists that started country and bluegrass gospel music of way back when. Make sure you tune in and enjoy this great music of long ago. To listen on the world wide Web...... >> Click here!


 April 10, 2015 Guest Host "DJ" For An Hour


S Vince Costello Vince Costello is a "Guest Host DJ" for an hour on "WRDV - FM show "Country Gold Classics" with Jack Boland on Friday night April 10, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Vince Costello is a Philadelphia Fire Fighter who made a very nice contribution and is now a WRDV supporter. You too, can participate in the radio program with a donation and be a "Guest Host DJ" for an hour and play your favorite music with Jack Boland, just like Vince Costello. To learn more on how you can participate in the program, go to the website...... >> Why become a sponsor..... >> Click Here!


 May 8, 2015 Celebrating Mother's Day 


Mother's Day


     "Jack Boland" and his radio program "Country Gold Classics"

     will be broadcasting a special three hour program of special music

     celebrating "Mother's Day". Mother's Day is a very spcial day and

     we must always remember our MOM! A Mother holds her child's hand

     for a while - but holds their heart forever. God Bless, MOM!


 May 15, 2015 - "DJ" For An Hour Guest Show Host


Our Very Own Jim Van Cleve Will Be Guest DJ For An Hour



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Small Jim Van CleveJim Van Cleve (The Baron Of Bristol) will be a "Guest Host DJ" on WRDV - FM's 89.3 "Country Gold Classics" with Jack Boland's radio show on Friday night May 15, 2015 to showcase his program of music for one hour. Jim Van Cleve donates his time to the radio station and answers the request line for WRDV on Friday nights. Jim has also made a donation to the WRDV "Fall Fund Drive" and Jim supports the "Country Gold Classic" music that he loves so much. You too, can participate in the program with a donation and be a "Guest Host DJ" with Jack Boland, just like Jim Van Cleve did. Read more, go to the website.....>>  




 May 22, 2015 - Memorial Day Tribute          


Celebrating "Memorial Day Tribute" 


Memorial Day "Jack Boland"  and the guys at the radio station are very excited to present a three hour show celebrating Memorial Day. Jack has put together a patriotic show with all of your favorite traditional country artists. Memorial Day  is a US Federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. Let us all join in on remembering and to celebrate this Memorial Day on May 25, 2015 and what it should mean to all of us. Tune in every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM and listen to Jack Boland and his Country Gold Classics. To tune in and listen to Jack Boland on the world wide web......>> Click here! 



 June 05, 2015 - Local Band Visits Radio Station          


Click on Photo! The Edgehill Rounders
S Edge Hill Rounders 72


A local band from Edgehill, Pennsylvania known as the Edge Hill Rounders performed live on June 5, 2015. The Edge Hill Rounders were a guest band hosted by Jack Boland and his "Country Gold Classics" show on WRDV - FM 89.3 on the radio. They performed several songs of the traditional sound of country music. Frank Crispo, The Country Picker stopped by to say hello. Frank really enjoyed the guys and their song selections. Everyone really had a "Great Time"!

(Photo by Dave Lynch)  


 June 19, 2015 -  Celebrating Father's Day        

Father's Day 

"Jack Boland"  and his radio program "Country Gold Classics" 

 will be broadcasting a special three hour program of special music

 celebrating "Father's Day". Father's Day is also a very special day

 for Dad, too! We must not forget "Dear Old Dad"! So, lay back, turn  

 the radio on and listen to the special music Jack has chosen for this

 special "Father's Day" program. Judy Crispo writes....The greatest gift

 you could ever have came from God. I call him Dad. I Miss you Dad!



 July 3, 2015 - Tribute To Bill Haley And The Saddlemen    


Celebrating 10th Annual Bill Haley Tribute


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S Bill Haley & The Saddlemen

"Jack Boland" and his "Country Gold Classics"  local radio show will be celebrating their 10th annual "Bill Haley and The Saddlemen Tribute" at WRDV - FM 89.3. on July 3, 2015.This will be a live appearance in the studio. Al Rex, an original Comet and was with The Saddlemen, will play stand up bass fiddle. The original "Bill Haley and The Saddlemen" group was formed in late 1949. "Bill Haley and the Saddlemen" ceased to exist when they became "Bill Haley and his Comets"  in 1953. If you would like to learn more about "Bill Haley and the Saddlemen"......>> Click Here! Tune in every Friday night and listen to "Jack Boland"  (WRDV - FM - 89.3) and his "Country Gold Classics". You will hear some songs you never heard before. "Jack" digs really deep to find these special songs to present to his loyal radio listeners.



 What's Happening In The Country Music World


Check It Out!  The "The Country Music Hall Of Fame" Announces The 2015 Inductees!

To Learn More...... >> Click Here!



Country Music Hall Of Fame Logo

Hall Of fame 2015

                The Oakridge Boys                            The Browns                    Grady Martin




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Charlie Pride Little Jimmy Dickens

Charley Pride and

Little Jimmy Dickens

are enjoying an evening

together at the "Grand

Old Opry" Charley Pride

did a performance at

the "Grand Old Opry" on November 22, 2014.

Ann Brown Ann Brown was a guest on the Shotgun Red variety show. The show was shown on February 20, 2014 on RFDTV in Nashville, Tennessee. To watch Ann Brown Click Here!

Charley Pride And

Little Jimmy Dickens


Ann Brown

Country Singer





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Little Jimmy Dickens

has died at the age of 94 on Friday, Jan. 02, 2015. Grand Ole Opry icon, was the oldest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Prayers for Jimmy and his family!

Marketa & William Lake

Marteka & William Lake are a brother and sister duo act who are very talented in Bluegrass music. They are singers and really can play the music. To read more Info:...> Click Here!

Little Jimmy Dickens

See Info:...>Click Here!   Marteka & William Lake  



Remembering The Ones We Lost


Remembering Eric Knutsen Our Good Friend   Our Beloved George Jones Will Be Remembered!

S Eric Knutsen Eric The K

Eric Knutsen known as Eric the K has died at 65. Eric and Bill Turner of the Blue Smoke Band visit Jack Boland, WRDV each year to do a tribute to Bill Haley and the Comets. Bill Haley, Jr. joins in for the tribute.


S George Jones


Nancy Jones  is opening The George Jones Museum "The Possum" on April 24 in downtown Nashville. The museum exhibits will span George Jones lifetime. He was born Sept. 12, 1931.

George died April 26, 2013.

Click on Photo!     Museum News.....>>> Click Here!


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