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"Jack Boland"  is a very well  known radio personality and is

loved by eveyone who knows him. Jack has been in the world

of country music as a radio "DJ"  for many years and has won awards. Jack has had many well known country music singers come to visit Jack Boland at the radio station. "Frank Crispo"  the "Country Picker"  and the band members of the "Senior Power Band"  have stop by to vsit Jack. Browse Jack's photo album.






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Jack at the Radio Station Bar


Frank Crispo and a few band members from "The Senior Power Band" stopped on by to visit Jack Boland at the WRDV - FM radio station. The guys in the second picture from left to right are: Johnny Iatrarola, John Hartley and Frank Crispo (The Country Picker).


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S Jack Boland

Jack Boland   Johnny I, John & Frank   Jack & Frank Crispo   Frank Crispo


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Sm Ann Brown and Jack Boland

Ann Brown & Dave Lynch

Scotty La Marca

Scott And Dave
Ann Brown Country Singer With Jack Boland   Ann Brown Country Singer With Dave Lynch   Scotty La Marca is an Outstanding Young Man   Scotty La Marca With Good Friend Dave Lynch


Jack The Men Behind The Scene


The generous volunteers that devote their time at WRDV - FM 89.3  local radio station every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM along with "Jack Boland the MC of Country Gold Classics". Left to right: Dave, Sid, Jim, Nathan and John Lightner. Nathan is the son of Sid Dorfman and is also behind the scene and answers the request line. That is, when Nathan is on break from Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh. The guys do such a "Great" job at WRDV - FM 89.3 "Country Gold Classics"! Jack Boland says, "Thank You Guys....Great Job"!  


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Small Dave Lynch .72

Sid Dorfman 72

Small Jim Van Cleve

Dave Lynch - Reporter  

Sid Dorfman


Jim Van Cleve - Video Guy


Nathan Dorfman

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John Lightner

Sid Dorfman

S Jim Lynch

S Dave Lynch

S John Lightner

John Lightner


Nathan & His Dad Sid


Dave Lynch - Reporter



John Lightner



Frank Nap Banner

 How Jack Boland Became a "DJ"


S Frank Napurano 72
Frank Napurano

March 27th, "Jack Boland"  will be remembering and celebrating the life of "Frank Napurano". "Frank Napurano" died on March 20, 2015 at the age of 79. Frank had a show called "Country Jamboree" at WRDV. Jack Boland and Frank Napurano met and became good friends in the 1980's. Frank was very impressed with Jack's passion and knowledge for traditional country music. Jack became a volunteer on Frank's show, donating his time as one of the men behind the scene and learning everything he could in hopes of one day having a radio show of his own. When Frank left WRDV and became the founder of WDVR - FM 89.7, Jack got the opportunity to become the "DJ" of his own radio show, "Country Gold Classics". January 3rd, 2015, Jack celebrated his 25th year on "Country Gold Classics". This has always been Jack's dream. Because of Jack's mentor, Frank Napurano and hard work, Jack's dream came true.Tune in on Friday night and learn more about the man, Frank Napurano and the love and respect Jack Boland  has for this man. It is a great sadness and loss for Jack Boland and everyone this man's life has touched! Frank was a radio pioneer!


  Remembering Bill Melody - A Good Friend



William J. Pietrowski, professionally known as "Bill Melody", passed away on Wednesday, Octtober 31, 2012. He was 78. Bill Melody is remembered fondly, and was a close, personal friend of "Jack Boland and Country Gold Classics". Bill was a "DJ" at WBCB - FM show called  "The Country Music Call" at Levittown, Pennsylvania. To read more about Bill Melody and his career...... >> Click Here! Bill Melody was a talented writer, artist, cartoonist, producer and DJ, who grew up in country music. Bill Melody was a very successful, interesting man who lived a fulfilled life and was loved by all! To read more about Bill and all of his accomplishments he achieved in his life. ...... >> Click Here! 



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Jack's Parents 72

Jack & His Dad
 Jack and Marty Boland   Jack Sr. & Anne Boland   Jack & His Mom Anne   Jack & His Dad, Jack Sr.

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Jack's Mom 72

Jack's Dog and Cat

S WRDV Radio Station
Jack Sr. and Ann Boland   Jack's Loving Mother   Jack's Good Buddies   WRDV Radio Station

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Plesant Valley Boys 72

Jack's Dad 72 Jack Boland's  dad, Jack Boland, Sr., was one of the "Pleasant Valley Boys" of years ago. Jack grew up in a very loving home with lots and lots of "Traditional Country Music". Jack  was really influenced by the musical talents of his father and it became his life. Jack Boland still keeps country music alive in his heart and on "WRDV  - FM radio, Country Gold Classics! 
"The Pleasant Valley Boys"   Jack's Dad - Jack Boland, Sr.   


Jack Has Always Loved His Pals!


 Click on Joey's Photos   Joey Was An Exceptionl And Special Dog And Everyone Loved Him!

Remembering Joey 72Remembering "Joey"

For over twelve great years "Joey"  was a very"Special"  pal of mine. Joey was always a very important member of our family. "Joey"  left us so unexpectedly. "Joey"  has now gone to a very "Specialloving place in "Heaven"  called the "Rainbow Bridge"  where he will now be healed, whole and will be restored. "Joey" shall always be loved and remembered in our hearts forever and ever!

Jack Boland and Cory           Our "Joey" !         We love you and miss you so much,"Joey" !

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S Joey Stand 72

S Joey & Hank 72

S Joey Scarf 72

S Joey & Tennis 72
"Our Beloved Joey"   Joey (L) Hank (R)   "Joey"   Joey Enjoying Tennis


Welcome To Your New Home...."Sweetpea"


Jack and Marty Boland are two very happy and excited people to welcome a new gal to their home. Well, we happen to mean a new little puppy girl named "Sweetpea"! How cute is that! This little gal is a very lucky little pup to come into Jack and Marty's loving hearts and a happy home. Jack and Marty have another pet called Sammy along with two cats. It is going to be a very happy family. Everyone here at the Country Picker website and WRDV radio show, "Country Gold Classics", wishes Jack and Marty Boland so much happiness and joy with their new little addition who they named "Sweetpea"! God Bless!


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S Sweetpea 72

S Sweetpea Enjoying A Nap

S Sweetpea & Sam 72
Hello "Sweetpea"!   Sweetpea "Enjoying A Nap"!   "Sweetpea" & Sammy


Jack's Events And Activities


Jack Loves The Train Show Events


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Small Jack and Marty Boland

Small Marty Railroad Crossing 72

Small Jack & Marty Sitting 72

Small Jack and His Trains
Jack & Marty Boland   Marty Boland   Jack & Marty Boland   Jack Boland

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Jack Train Show

Radio Talk About The Train Show   Jack Interviewing A Train Lover   Jack Showing Off His Train Display



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