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 Jack is Mentioned In The "Intelligencer Newspaper"


The Intelligencer newspaper wrote an article titled....Readers want their "classic country music" back. In the article they mention Jack Boland (spelling his last name wrong) and the type of music people want to hear. Jack only plays the traditional country music on his show "Country Gold Classics" on WRDV - FM 89.3 every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM or on their website or you can go right to the radio broadcast shows (24/7)......>> Click Here!


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  Jack Loves "Traditional Country Gold Classics" Music!


Jack Boland grew up in the family life of nothing but Country and Bluegrass music due to the love of this music from his father. This background of music sent Jack into the direction of radio broadcasting and the love of music. Jack's career has span over 25 years in the radio broadcasting business. Jack Boland is the radio show host for "Country Gold Classics" every Friday Night from 7:00PM to 10:00PM on 89.3 FM. Don't forget to tune in and give a listen to Jack Boland.


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  Jack Boland Won A "TMA" Award?


"Jack Boland" won a "TMA" award (Traditional Music Association) for "DJ of the year" in 1998 at the Ryman Auditorium (former home of the Grande Ole Opry) in Nashville, Tennessee. Jack Boland was recognized for his outstanding achievements in radio broadcasting. To this day, Jack works very hard  broadcasting and keeping alive the "Traditional Country Music"  that he loves so much.


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  Jack's Hobby Is For The Love Of Trains!


"Jack Boland" and his good buddies attend the "Train Show" every year at the Keith Valley

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Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. "Jack Boland" and his good

friend "Dale Temple" (chairman) are members of the "Main Street Hatboro/Model Train Show" committee. Jack and Dale have been  big model railroad enthusiasts for the past eight years in our small local town of Hatboro.The photo is of  Jack Boland  (lower right), Dale Temple  (lower left) and Sid Dorfman behind Jack with some of the other committee members. To read more about the train show committee......>> Click Here! To learn more about the 8th annual "Main Street Hatboro Train Show" ......>> Click Here!

"Main Street Hatboro Train Show Committee Members 2019" ......>> Click Here


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 Jack Was An "MC" For Country Music.


In the early nineties, Jack was an "MC" at many Country places. Jack was the MC at the Country Legends Fair at the Kempton Community Center in Kempton, Pennsylvania. He appeared every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for several years.


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  Jack Boland's Father Was In The Music Business?


Jack Boland Sr

"Jack Boland's"  father,"Jack Boland, Senior"  was one of the original band members of the "Pleasant Valley Boys Band" of many years ago. As long as Jack can remember, he grew up in the music world of Bluegrass and Traditional Country music in his home. Jack has always had a great love and respect for his father and the "Traditional Country" music that was so alive in his life throughout the many years. This inspired Jack so much that he wants to keep this music alive.


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 How Jack Boland Became a "DJ"


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Frank Napurano

"Frank Napurano", who was known as "Frank Nap" on his radio program called "Country Jamboree" at WRDV - FM radio. Jack Boland and Frank Napurano met and became good friends in the 1980's. Frank was Jack's mentor. Upon meeting Jack, Frank was very impressed with Jack's passion and knowledge for traditional country music. Jack became a volunteer on Frank's show, donating his time as one of the men behind the scene and learning everything he possible could in hopes of one day having a radio show of his very own at WRDV. When Frank left WRDV and became the founder of WDVR - 89.7, Jack got the opportunity to become the "DJ" of his own radio show, called "Country Gold Classics". January 3rd, 2015, Jack Boland celebrated his 25th year on "Country Gold Classics". This has always been Jack's dream. Sadly, on March 20, 2015, Frank W. Napurano passed away at 79 . Jack had a great love and respect for this man. It is a great sadness and loss for Jack Boland and everyone this man's life has touched!






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