"Frank Crispo" The Early Years!



"Frank Crispo" Buck Hotel Appearance

"Frank Crispo" The Early Years

"Frank Crispo" Family Photos

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  "Frank Crispo" The Early Years!


    Frank Crispo Buck Hotel Appearance                                          GALLERY


Frank Crispo and his band "Shades of Country"  made a special appearance

for a dinner and dance show at the Buck Hotel in 1979.



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Sparkle Balls
S Frank & Judy early Years  S Frank & Judy Animated Stars Frank at the Club


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  Frank The Early Years


    "Frank Crispo" The Early Years Of Music                                   GALLERY


Frank Crispo "The Early Years"  of the 1980's and some other favorite photos.


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  Frank Crispo
B Frank Reclyner 72
Small Frank & Judy Red Top
Frank at 263 We Are Back  Frank In Chair  Judy Crispo B 72 Elderly Man With Kane


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  Frank's Family Photos


    "Frank Crispo" Family Photos                                                         GALLERY


Frank Crispo And His Family ! See What's Happening?


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Small Ruth and Tony in the Sea
Cheryl Hughes 125X125  72 Elderly At TV

Dear Daddy
God Bless America  Small Sandy  
Frank & Judy 2003 Frank Crispo Early Years Small Frank Sunglasses sm Cousin Angela
Tom DeCarme is a S Frank & Judy  Square Black Country Picker


Click On Photo! Grandaughter Lauren Married Mathew Shilko
S Matt & Lauren 72

Frank and Judy attended their grandaughter's wedding on June 27, 2015 and really had a wonderful time sharing the happy day with them. It was so nice to see many family members and friends. Lauren Crispo married Matthew Shilko. Matt is a wonderful guy and everyone just loves him. Lauren is the middle daughter to Frank's son Frank the third. Lauren is the third grandaughter to be married. Lauren and Matt are a wonderful couple. We wish Lauren and Matt much love and a wonderful life together as they venture through their many years of happiness together. God Bless Matt and Lauren!


Click On Photo! Grandaughter Kirsten Married Chris Puzinas
S Chris & Kirsten

Frank and Judy attended their grandaughter's wedding on August 23, 2013 to Christopher Puzinas. The happy couple have been together for several years and they just knew they were meant for each other (soul mates). The family knew it too! Chris is a great guy and we all love him. The family is very happy to welcome Chris into our family. Kirsten is the oldest daughter of Frank's son Frank the Third and his lovely wife Patty. It was a beautiful day and a lovely  wedding celebration with family and friends. Contratulations Chris and Kirsten. We wish you all the love and happiness that life can bring. God Bless!



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The Crispo Sisters


Frank Crispo is the proud Grandfather of Devon, (Left) Kirsten (middle) and Lauren (right) Crispo. The girls are the daughters of Frank's son, Frank Crispo, III and his wife Patty. Kirsten was recently married on August 23, 2013. Kirsten is now Kirsten Puzinas and her is Christopher Puzinas. Frank is a very happy and proud Grandfather of his Grandaughters. Frank would be the first to tell you what  wonderful girls they are. The parents are very proud too!


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Ruth and Tony Celebrating Halloween 2013


Ruth and Tony decided to take some time off and go on a little vacation. They decided to dress up and are celebrating Halloween at a Halloween party. Looks like they are having a great time! Ruth is Judy Crispo's  little sister and Ruth's  husband Tony. Judy loves her brother-in-law Tony. He is a "Great" guy! Ruth & Tony live in Florida and have their own business called "A&R Aqua Pros, Inc." Aquarium Installation & Maintenance.



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  Frank's Friends


    Frank Crispo's Friends                                                          GALLERY


Frank Crispo Enjoys Having Good Friends!!


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  jeff frank  
Fred Mastroni 125X125  72   

GOLG 2015 72
Elvis Singing

Marty 125

Amy Donathan Physical Therapist Nancy Iredale The Nurse

Bill Garges 
  Thank You Card 72   Kenny & Christine Johns  


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Fred and Rita Mastroni  
Fred & Rita mastroni 300X185  72


Fred and Rita Mastroni have been very good friends of Frank and Judy for many years. Fred and Frank Crispo (Chubby) just about grew up since second grade. Frank and Freddy only really do consider themselves just like brothers. They have so many fond memories they stll share today!




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