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Harry Papaila


Country and Western


October 08, 1932, New Kensington, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvnia.


American Country singer, widower of Catherine Papaila, born on

December 10, 1932. Married 54 years.


"Hank King" (of Russian origin, rn Harry Papaila)

became a very imoportant name in country music. Hank King's

smooth singing and guitar pickin' was was certainly something to hear

Hank's first recording was "Atom Bomb Heart" co-written with Howard Vokes. Among Hank's recordings are Believe In Me, Cry Like A Baby, Excuse Me And Just Out Of Reach.


Pennsylvania's Country Music Association "Lifetime Achievement Award" and the Bluebird Country News "Pioneer Award". His music is heard internationally.



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Hank's Signature Song

Your Atom Bomb Heart


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