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Meet Frank and Judy Crispo

Frank and Judy Crispo have been married for 43 years and they are now in their "Senior Citizens" years, too! Frank turned 78 in July and Judy is now 74. Where did all that time go? They both firmly do believe in the magic of the "Senior Power". Frank and Judy are enjoying their life to the fullest and they just love to do everything together. Judy and Frank are advocates for the "Senior Citizen". We want the very best for all of our family "Senior Citizens" and all of our friends. Remember, we are young at heart and we count too! Let your voice be heard, don't be shy and enjoy your life to the fullest! Be happy! That is what we do, folks!





Welcome To Our Own "Senior Citizen" Fun And Interest Section of Our Website!

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Always Be Loving!

"Senior Citizens" Love Each Other Too!


Elderly Couple Kissing


Love has no age limit no matter how old you may be. Loving each other into the "Senior Citizen" years

Elderly Couple Dancing

is timeless!! Just keep on dancing to the music of life. Take every day as it comes and embrace the moments that you have together. Always take care of each other and remember to say "I LOVE YOU" each and everyday! That is not a hard thing to do! Keep on moving on in life together!



 Words of Wisdom!

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The Book of Words of WisdomWritings From The Good Book

"Words Of Wisdom"

Enjoy Some Of Our Tid Bits!

"Words Of Wisdom"

"Good Food For Thought"


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....Interest Section....



 "Senior Power Explosion" Thanks Everyone!


Frank Crispo and "The Senior Power Band" appeared at the Tamanend Park Day event in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The all day event was Saturday, September 07, 2013. The band played from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. Therewas food, games, entertainment and  more for all ages. We had a great time and thank you for coming out to see the band! A big Thank you to Marian Gilbert for this opportunity to appear at the park


To read more about Tamanend Day......> Click Here!


To read the Public Spirit Newspaper Article on "The

    Senior Power Explosion" and their appearing at Upper 

     Southampton, Tamanend Park Day......> Click Here!



Favorite TV Shows

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Favorite Songs/Country Artists

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George Jones             Tammy Wynette         Johnny Cash

He Stopped Loving       Stand By Your Man          Ring Of Fire

Her Today                                               


Merle Haggard               Loretta Lynn            Patsy Cline

Silver Wings               Coal Miners Daughter             Crazy



Patsy Montana          Hank Williams, Sr.         Kitty Wells

Cowboys Sweetheart   Your Cheatin' Heart     Honky Tonk Angels



Roy Acuff                     Connie Smith          Slim Whitman

Wabash Cannonball            Once a Day           Unchain My Heart



Dottie West               Waylon Jennings       Conway Twitty

Country Sunshine         Luckenback Texas     It's Only Make Believe


Favorite Songs/Doo Wop/Rock n' Roll

Click To Listen To Some Of Our Favorite Music Artists


Elvis Presley                 Bobby Darin         Bill Haley & Comets

Elvis Presley Black & White Bill Haley & His Comets

Don't Be Cruel  1956   Splish Splash  1958   Rock Around the Clock



Chuck Berry                    The Crest              The Monotones

Chuck BerryJohnny Maestro & The CrestsThe Monotones

Johnny B. Good           Sixteen Candles             Book Of Love


                                   Little Anthony               

The Platters              and the Imperials       Gene Chandler

The Great Pretender    Tears on My Pillow          Duke of Earl



Frankie Ford                Jerry Lee Lewis         Little Richard

Sea Cruse                     Great Balls of Fire          Long Tall Sally



Ritchie Valens                Buddy Holly           The Big Bopper

Come on Let's Go               Peggy Sue              Chantilly Lace


 We All Remember The Day The Music Died!

The Day The Music Died!

Oh Yes, I Think We All Do Remember That Day So Well! Such A Tragedy And A Great Loss To The Rock n' Roll Music Industry Of That Time! We All Love And Miss Their Music! They Sure Were The Days To Remember!


Let's Go Back To The 50's & 60's

Frank & I Remember Such A Special Time!

We Have So Many Wonderful Memories!



Remembering The Juke Box & The Music It Played!!


Elvis Presley Black & White Bill Haley & His Comets



Remember The Drive In's & The Great Hamburgers!!


Chuck BerryJohnny Maestro & The CrestsThe Monotones



Dancing To The Old Radio  & The 45 Record Player!!


Lady 50's RadioDancing To The 50's MusicOld 45 Record Player


Judy Remembers This Family Scene.. Oh So Very Well!

Mom & Dad Pic 1950'sThis picture brings back sooo many memories for me, just like it was yesterday!! I sure do remember the days of the radio and no TV! It was just Mom, Dad, my brother, the radio and me.... Judy. WOW! They sure were the days to remember! Be Well! Judy!



Remembering The 50's Doggies

Remember the 50's when it was a much better time. Life was easy & our front doors were unlocked. Remember the Drive-In and the hamburger joint? I Remember when TV was black and white? I would run home to watch Dick Clark & American Band Stand. I knew everyones name! Do you remember the poodle skirts, saddle shoes, your hair in a twist or bee hive? Going to the dances at the high school gym. Oh yea, I did it all! Listen to some of the 1950's songs and pictures .......>> Click Here! Hope you enjoy, I sure did! Be well everyone! Judy!



Let Us Just Keep On Moving While We Remember The Old Days Of The 1950's.


Dancers Moving

Hey There! We should all keep moving on to the beat of the music! Young or old, It doesn't matter. Just keep on moving to that sound of life! Make everyday be an enjoyable one. That includs everyone in your family and don't forget all of your good friends, too! Be Well! Judy!! 



Seniors on the bench    There is no age for being in love! How cute!



The New Normal

Oh No! Can This Really Be the New Normal??



Love is Spending

They are so cute! Hope for Frank and Judy!



OMG! I hope our eyes never get this bad!










 Frank & Judy's Fun Time Introduction!

What's Up and Who We Are?

Small Frank and Judy

Hello Everyone!

Frank Crispo ("The Country Picker") and me, (Judy Crispo) have decided to have our own little fun and interest section on our web site. We certainly are not the most exciting couple in the world, but we too, are "Senior Citizens" and we do enjoy life in our own little corner of the world. So please, come on back from time to time for a visit and look in on whats new! Nothing very exciting, just an old "Senior Citizen" couple just moving along in the so called "Golden Years"? Take care and be well! "God Bless Senior Citizens"! Frank & Judy Crispo.



Listen To Jack Boland Friday Nights!!!

Country Gold Classics with Jack Boland

Local Radio Personality at WRDV-FM - 89.3

Click on Photo   

JACK BOLAND #2"Jack Boland" is a good friend of Frank & Judy Crispo. Tune in every Friday night from 7:00 to 10:00 and listen to the "Country Gold Classics" Traditional country music with the radio host Jack Boland. Frank visits Jack often at the station on Friday nights. Go to click on the red radio and listen to Jack Boland's show. Great guy - Great show. Call their request line at - 215-674-8002  Frank & Judy


Today Is A Gift! Enjoy Every Moment!


Have A Great Day



Welcome To My World


....Funny Section....



Getting Old Stinks!


Getting Old

Take it from an old guy like me! You know your getting old when everything hurts and what doesn't hurt doesn't work!



Aggie & Her Sisters - Zelda & Nellie


Kicking Grannies

You Are Only As Old As You Can Remember You Are! That Doesn't Seem To Be So Bad!


OMG! It's Aggie's Birthday!

 Happy Birthday To You,Aggie!


Aggie's Birthday


Bring It On Baby!


Bring It On

Where are the male strippers? We are not getting any younger sitting here waiting!


You Are Only As Old As You Feel!


Hey you guys! Come on and let's get with it! Grab your better half and start dancing to the music of "The Senior Power Band" or maybe your own favorite song. Just start enjoying your life. We sure do! Be well everyone! Frank & Judy.


This Is It?

Dancing Lessons

Ten Years of Dancing Lessons And This Is All We Can Do Now! Go Figure!


Aggie And Her Friends!


Aggies Friends 


Don't Do What I Did!

Not All Women


Always Having Fun!


Old People in Recliners


Aggie Says....Just Be Yourself!



 Sharing, Loving And Remembering !



Don't Worry! It Is Not a Good Thing!!


Hey There 72


Remember Your Parents!  



Listen To Aggie! She Knows!



Always Love...Even When Your Angry!



Hey You! Yea You!


Hey You


Thank You





We do hope you will come back again! We will be adding new little tid bits to our fun and interest section of our website!

Thank You Everyone! Be Well!

Frank & Judy



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God Bless The Senior Citizens! 


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