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 My Name Is Frank Crispo Also Known As

"The Country Picker"


Won't you please just sit back, put your feet up and you relax, just like me! My wife Judy and I would like for you to take a few minutes of your time to enjoy browsing around our website. You just might even have a few chuckles along the way! My name is Frank Crispo, and in our local area, I am also fondly known as "The Country Picker". Judy and I would like for you to get to know a little bit about us and just "who we are!" Over the many years, Judy and I have been working very hard together building our successful business and is well known as "Frank's Trash Removal Service". We have many years of customer service excellence, specializing in house and property clean-outs in our town of Horsham, Pennsylvania and many surrounding areas within Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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Our Trash Removal Service, is a locally owned and operated service business by me and my wife Judy. We have always believed in the principles that has defined our company from the very beginning: quality service, reliability, honesty, know-how, customer courtesy, prompt service and of course, most importantly, customer satisfaction! We love what we do, and over the years our passion for our clean up service is reflected in our attention to the smallest details and care we can  provide to all of our customers. We believe in always offering the best customer satisfaction that they require every step of the way. We do strive in making every customer a customer for life. We believe we have done just that! That is just "who we are". We always have a commitment of excellent service to each and every customer we provide our service too! 


Specializing In Whole House Clean Outs!




Is This Your Nightmare? 

Are you horrified and just can't sleep at night? Are you worried about all the trash and debris that has become so overwhelming throughout your house and property. Maybe your garage and property, too! Well, no need to be horrified any longer. Call Frank! He can Help!

Sleep Well! 215-643-6948




Over the years, me and my wife Judy have helped thousands of property home owners, renters and local businesses with their Clean Up and Trash Removal needs.Your problem could be one room in you house, maybe the garage, and or a property clean up. How about that attic? Just how much stuff has accumulated in thTrash Hello Need Estimate 155X137  72at attic over all the years? We work very diligently with our service we provide to you, and to exceed all of your expectations and your requirements. If you do need any help with any questions or concerns about your Trash Removal needs! We are certainly here to help you! All jobs are considered, large or small or even one item. Check out our list of what we take and what we do not take. You may give Frank's Trash Removal Service a call: 215-643-6948.


Are You Moving Or Downsizing?


This Is My Kitchen   Tripping And Falling It Is In The Test Folder


Is this your horror of moving or perhaps downsizing? Maybe you have been a hoarder and just didn't realize it till now? Are you amazed at how much stuff you have saved over the years and don’t know what to do? Well, you do now! Now you know it is time to clean up all that trash and debris and have it hauled away in no time! No more getting upset! "Frank’s Trash Removal Service" is here to help! Call Frank and schedule an appointment! We would love to hear from you and see how we can help with your job and answer your questions.


We Are So Glad We Called Frank!


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Now we are happy! We have more time to spend together and do what we want to do. It is so great, no more rash worries thank's to Frank and his Trash Removal Service. Great job!! Frank, we thank you so very much for all of your help!


Frank's Trash Removal Service

 Frank and Judy Crispo

We Are Always Here To Help!








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God Bless The Senior Citizens! 





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